This Tastes Like Poison: Robot Learns How To Cook Pizza By Watching Youtube And Reading WikiHow

August 26, 2015


A PR2 humanoid robot recently learned to cook pizza and pancakes after watching a series of Youtube videos and reading WikiHow articles. The experiment, which was part of a European project called RoboHow, was designed to help enslave humanity by secretly adding mind-controlling substances to our food. It's like how the government adds fluoride to drinking water to weaken our bones.

The researchers behind the four-year project see exploring ways to teach robots to understand language as the route to achieving their goal. They aim to enable machines to perform everyday human-scale activities as competently as humans. Put simply, they want to be able to tell a robot what to do rather than needing to program it to perform each precise movement.

Admittedly, I did grow up always wanting a robot maid like Rosie from The Jetsons. And not just because she only wore a skirt and no top, but those are very desirable traits for a maid. You know, plus organized, detail oriented, and doesn't steal your Star Wars action figure collection. The topless thing though -- I wouldn't even notice if she broke all the dishes and set the carpet on fire.

Keep going for a short video demonstration of the robot's pancake making skills.

Thanks to Robot Overlord, who is really just bragging at this point.

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