This Tastes Like Poison: Robot Learns How To Cook Pizza By Watching Youtube And Reading WikiHow

August 26, 2015


A PR2 humanoid robot recently learned to cook pizza and pancakes after watching a series of Youtube videos and reading WikiHow articles. The experiment, which was part of a European project called RoboHow, was designed to help enslave humanity by secretly adding mind-controlling substances to our food. It's like how the government adds fluoride to drinking water to weaken our bones.

The researchers behind the four-year project see exploring ways to teach robots to understand language as the route to achieving their goal. They aim to enable machines to perform everyday human-scale activities as competently as humans. Put simply, they want to be able to tell a robot what to do rather than needing to program it to perform each precise movement.

Admittedly, I did grow up always wanting a robot maid like Rosie from The Jetsons. And not just because she only wore a skirt and no top, but those are very desirable traits for a maid. You know, plus organized, detail oriented, and doesn't steal your Star Wars action figure collection. The topless thing though -- I wouldn't even notice if she broke all the dishes and set the carpet on fire.

Keep going for a short video demonstration of the robot's pancake making skills.

Thanks to Robot Overlord, who is really just bragging at this point.

  • Torse

    oh, nice.
    so I can't use a wikipedia article on the Great Depression for an essay
    but wikihow and youtube are credible enough to teach sentience.

    inb4 all of the robots start learning how to be cats, the superior race

  • aurorajcole

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  • Brock

    I also find it easier to flip pancakes that stick to the spatula.

  • Now have that robot watch the "How To Basic" channel.

  • Ed

    Giving jobs to robots seems like a great idea until no one has a job anymore except the robot builder, he's in China and decides to take over the U.S. which can't field an army since no one is employed and paying taxes with so the military is broke and we all starve to death or are enslaved. But the extra $9.00/hr someone got by buying a robot and firing the pizza guy was totally worth it.

  • timeiskey

    its inevitable. forcing humans to work for sustainance will become illegal.

  • MustacheHam

    Very impressive, very very impressive.
    But there is one thing I have been pondering while watching this video...that is can the items the robots cook be made with love. ;)

  • timeiskey

    shut the hell up

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