The Late Chris Farley Voice-Acting Scenes From Shrek

August 6, 2015


This is an audio clip circa 1997 of Chris Farley and Eddie Murphy reading scenes from Shrek, set to an early storyboard of the film. There was no mention of living in a van down by the river. You know, I lived out of my car for a week once. Not down by the river though, behind a tanning salon in a strip mall. That was a very difficult time for me.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Rebecca, who told me I should be a voice actor because my face isn't going to get me anywhere. That hurts.

  • J A M I E

    Donkey referred to Lord Farquaad as an "oily rag" which is cockney for fag..

  • Melanie Castle

    For those that are curious: Before Chris Farley died from a drug overdose in December of 1997 (at age 33), he had been cast to star in Shrek (2001) and had even recorded 80-90% of the title character's dialogue. After his death, DreamWorks had considered hiring a voice impersonator to finish it, but instead chose to replace Farley with fellow Saturday Night Live actor Mike Myers.

  • GeneralDisorder

    That's how I want to go... forgotten and replaced. Overdose begging a hooker not to leave because I was so crushingly lonely. Honestly, it sounds like the sort of death I deserve. I have about two more years to start a drug habit and make it into a drug problem so it kills me.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Well, Murphy nailed it. But this makes it pretty clear why they didn't go with Farley for the role of Shrek.

  • timeiskey

    no you are experiencing cognitive dissonance

  • Bailey

    Uh. They didn't go with Farley because he died before they finished recording the audio.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Are you 100% sure that's the case (I'm not saying it's not, I don't really care enough to Google it) but, let's be honest, his voice acting is pretty bland compared to Murphy's donkey and Myer's eventual Shrek. If anything, this comes across as a voice-acting screen test.

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