Oh Yeah, That's A Lady: Tiny Woman Discovered On Mars

August 12, 2015


Note: Unzoomed version of the whole shot HERE in case you wanted to see just how crazy people get looking at these things (the woman is the upper-middle).

Because some people's hobbies include poring over NASA images looking for anomalies/evidence that helps prove their insane conspiracy theories, this is a photo from the Curiosity rover that appears to show a tiny woman. That woman is only 8-10cm tall though. She also appears partially see-through like a ghost. Is she baring her breasts for the camera? Because in my mind she is and they are glorious 0.000034DD's.

Thanks to Landon P, who has a folder on his desktop labeled 'Mars Rover Conspiracy Pics' that he really uses to stash p0rn.

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