Sounds Like An Expensive Salad: Astronauts Eat The First Lettuce Grown In Space (And Didn't Die Or Mutate)

August 11, 2015


Astronauts aboard the International Space Station just tried the first produce grown in space yesterday after eating the red romaine lettuce they grew as part of the Veg-01 experiment. No word if they also produced ranch dressing, but you're not gonna catch me eating some plain-ass lettuce. Come on, holler at me with some zesty Italian -- anything.

Nasa's ultimate aim with the experiment is to find sustainable ways for astronauts to augment traditional rations on board long-distance space missions. The research has already yielded practical results beyond the obvious, including a variety of LED lighting and air purification products.

You know what I would grow if I was in space? "Weed?" Yes! Just kidding, I would grow human hair. "But WHY would you grow human hair?" To make space wigs! It's going to look like where all the Cabbage Patch Kids are born except with a bunch of adult heads and no bodies.

Keep going for a video of the monumental occasion and speculate whether, "That's awesome," is the proper response to eating a piece of lettuce.

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