SkySphere: An Elevated Room-House With 360º Views

August 6, 2015


Seen here looking like something somebody would have imagined a house of the future would have looked like in the 60's, a Skysphere stands majestically over the landscape. Now I know in the title I said it has 360-degree views, but it actually only has like 355-degree views because no matter where you stand and turn around you will never be able to see through that giant pole in the middle.

Its circular design features 270 square feet in the living area which includes a bed, custom couches, and even a "couch integrated beer dispenser." The Skysphere is powered entirely by solar panels, and the electronics are controlled using a version of the Android operating system.

A couch integrated beer dispenser -- that sounds promising. Sadly though the unit does not have a bathroom, so you will have to climb down the ladder to relieve yourself in the great outdoors when nature calls. And nature WILL call. But if she starts talking about her idea for some crazy new species of spider you yell at her and hang up immediately.

Keep going for several more shots, including the interior.





Thanks to Mashed_Potato, who I just folded a bunch of sour cream and chives into and is going to be delicious.

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