Sick!: Furniture/Clothing Made To Look Like Human Flesh

August 11, 2015


This is 'Visual Temperature', a series of objects created by Chinese artist Cao Hui to look like they were made from human flesh. They even have fat and guts hanging out. That's pretty sick. I'd still threaten to lick it though just to gross out my mom if I ever saw these at a museum. "Honey, please -- don't!" Are you going to take a picture of me in front of the nude painting of my choice? "Sure." And take me to Dairy Queen afterwards? "Yes." Then you've got yourself a deal. I'm getting a whole ice cream cake though, so I hope you brought your pocketbook.

Keep going for more including a jacket and suitcase.






Thanks to Arlene, who wants a chair that looks like it was made out of dragon bones. A DRAGON-BONE THRONE. Gosh, me too.

  • Andyman7714

    Can I get a fat free version?

  • Adibobea9

    Maybe Fleshlight can partner with them so you can fulfill your fetish of necrophilia and zombie love making…

  • I came!

  • Lucas Testa

    i know what stuff made with human skin looks like and this is not it

  • Cup-O-Jesus

    Need the suitcase. Pretty much guarantee no more stealing from my luggage at the airport. Also, a car like this would be badass.

  • You'll probably get a few cavity searches at the airport.

  • Cup-O-Jesus

    not necessarily a bad thing...

  • iofo61

    What's in YOUR Chinese food?

  • Enkidu98

    It taste rike chicken!

  • NOTE TO SELF: Stop looking at Geekologie at lunch time.

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