The Saddest Place On Earth: Video Tours Of Banksy's Dismaland

August 21, 2015


These are a couple video tours of street-artist Banky's unamusement park, Dismaland. It looks pretty depressing. I would play those midway games though. I want to win a big prize. Raise your hand if you've ever won one of the big prizes at an amusement park. Did you go put it in the car afterwards or parade it around all day to make other people jealous? I was one of those jealous people. I want a big prize. I have never won one. One time I came close at the ring-toss but the game operator accused me of cheating because I was 100% cheating as hard as I possibly could.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to everyone who sent Dismaland tips, I'll take you all to Two Flags this weekend.

  • shashi

    I really HATE how negative the world is

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  • Or you could go to Alton Towers and loose a leg.

  • Deksam

    America is now a dismaland thanks to socialism.

  • timeiskey

    methinks u misda point der m8

  • The_Wretched

    I hope you're being ironic. The US isn't socialist and the socialist parts like social security and military are highly desired by the population.

  • Jan Bergström


  • shashi

    YEAH! Same here in the UK. That's why i'm moving to Mogadishu. You coming?

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