Raging Driver Tries To Kick Cyclist, Supermans Into Road

August 4, 2015


Note: The video should start at 2:55 for the main action. If you want to see what led up to the confrontation (the car passing too close then the two arguing over rules of the road), watch the whole thing, although the guy in the car loves to drop some f-bombs (i.e. "Put your f***ing mouth shut!").

This is a video of the confrontation between a bicyclist and a driver as captured by the cyclist's front and rear facing cameras. The driver of the car is angry the cyclist was riding in the middle of the road, and the cyclist is mad the driver passes him too closely. Who is right? Definitely not the driver's head anymore.

Hit the jump for almost 20X your recommended daily allowance of road rage.

Thanks to Brian A, who never has to deal with road rage because he owns a jetpack and owns the skies.

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