Raging Driver Tries To Kick Cyclist, Supermans Into Road

August 4, 2015


Note: The video should start at 2:55 for the main action. If you want to see what led up to the confrontation (the car passing too close then the two arguing over rules of the road), watch the whole thing, although the guy in the car loves to drop some f-bombs (i.e. "Put your f***ing mouth shut!").

This is a video of the confrontation between a bicyclist and a driver as captured by the cyclist's front and rear facing cameras. The driver of the car is angry the cyclist was riding in the middle of the road, and the cyclist is mad the driver passes him too closely. Who is right? Definitely not the driver's head anymore.

Hit the jump for almost 20X your recommended daily allowance of road rage.

Thanks to Brian A, who never has to deal with road rage because he owns a jetpack and owns the skies.

  • PeakEverything

    he looks so happy in the photo, "look at me weeeeeeeeeeee I'm a plane"

  • I especially liked how the cyclist decided to follow the driver, flag him down, and then spout off at the mouth to intentionally escalate the conflict...ultimately fleeing on his bike when shit "got real". He had the brush with the car on cam, he had the plate numbers. Wouldn't have been difficult to go to the police with evidence like that.

    Instead he chose to pester the driver and put himself in harm's way a second time. The cyclist is lucky the driver didn't punch him, break his cameras, toss his bike around a little, etc. Don't act like a tough guy and then threaten to go to the police and publicly yelling "assault", it makes you look like a giant fucking pussy.

  • JamesMcAvery

    I can only assume that between watching the video and making this comment that you had some kind of fall and suffered some brain damage - maybe you're the driver in the video?

    To cover some of the basics:

    - Contrary to the claims of the irate gorilla in the video the cyclist was nowhere near the middle of the road when the car passes him. Anyone that watches the video can clearly see he's well over to the left on a narrow, single lane, one-way residential street.
    - Due to the above, the car shouldn't have been overtaking *anyway* - as it's not safe to do so (as evidenced by how close he needs to pass). So, ironically, in this situation it would have been sensible for the cyclists to ride in the centre of the road, similar to at junctions, as approaching small roundabouts etc.
    - Other than the above your main gripes appear to be him challenging someone who endangered his life, and then fleeing when threatened with assault.

    The cyclist was actually remarkably polite and restrained - and although chasing down the driver was arguably unnecessary - I think most people in that situation would want to have a few words. I'm sure the driver has since been charged and the cyclist thanked for reporting the incident.

    "He's lucky he wasn't further assaulted" I mean what the fuck is wrong with you?

    If you can watch that video and see anyone other than the driver at fault then quite frankly you're either wilfully ignorant or dumb as a brick.

  • I never absolved the driver of any wrong doing. I'm merely pointing out that the cyclist (in typical asshole cyclist form) made the situation worse than it needed to be. Clearly you don't fuck with the guy that's piloting a 2500 lb death machine after he spared your life once already.

    And yes, given the state of mind the driver was in, the cyclist is lucky he was not further assaulted. Does he deserve to be smacked around? That's a matter of personal opinion but the fact is that you really never know who you're fucking with, especially on the road. The driver was as likely to apologize and swear and oath to be subservient to the cyclists of the road, as he was to pull out a knife and stab the cyclist to death.

    Or maybe I was just raised not to shoot my mouth off like an entitled, ignorant fuck. There's a big difference between picking your battles, and charging in blindly while damning the consequences.

  • SpicyLegato

    "Or maybe I was just raised not to shoot my mouth off like an entitled ignorant fuck." Apparently not.

  • Someone's mad.

  • SpicyLegato

    And its not me.

  • LOLOL oh the hypocrisy is too much, stop making me laugh!

  • flyppster

    I love riding my bike, but I hate asshole cyclists and this one seems to be one of them. He was in the middle of the road. Why have a camera? To instigate fights like this one?

  • JamesMcAvery

    By middle of the road to you mean clearly over to the left? Did you actually watch the video or just read the description?

    He has a camera because of incidents *exactly like this*. i.e. dangerous drivers who don't know the law and just 'have it out for cyclists because reasons'. And apparently attempt to assault them for pointing it out.

  • TheQiwiMan



  • David Gabel

    That fat tub of shit in the car needs to learn some fucking manners. Some dipshit does that to me and he'll not be eating solid food for a year and be in a wheelchair for life.

  • Kane Harrison

    If that fat tub of shit did that to you, you'd shit your pants and run away crying.

  • David Gabel

    Not likely. I've faced similar bullies before in the past. They never count on their victim to stand up for themselves, and they would the the ones crying like a little bitch if you put your hand on them and they'd also play the victim card hardcore.

  • Nick Durrant

    You're tuff mate. Enjoy prison when you finally live out that fantasy of yours.

  • David Gabel

    If by "tuff" you mean that I'd stand up for myself ant not let some bully push me around, then yes I am tough. I also doubt you'd let someone like him bully you or a family member of yours. (BTW if you are not able to tell, that was not sarcasm. I am genuniely believing that you'd not cower to a guy like that guy.)

  • Akira Aky

    Divine justice!

  • JJtoob

    Too much ado about nothing...

  • MrProphetMan

    Yes, warss have been fought for non issues like this one, people are mad i ntell you

  • Huck PS

    I don't remember this part in Mary Poppins...

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