Rage Room: A Place To Go Break Things To Calm Down

August 31, 2015


Die, table for two!

Rage Room in Toronto is a business where, for $20, you get to destroy five ceramic plates with a baseball bat. You can also add more plates, vases, picture frames, chairs, tables, etc. for additional costs. Alternatively, come over to my place and I'll let you start smashing things for only $10. The Precious Moments figurines are extra though. "This isn't your apartment, is it?" Quick, just give me the money and get to smashing before they come back.

Hit the jump for a video advertisement.

Thanks to JL, who prefers yelling into pillows because it's cheaper and easier to clean up.

  • MustacheHam

    I need one closer to home...I'm running out of office supplies.. <:D

  • shashi

    Studies show this type of release is an unhealthy expression of rage because it desensitises our minds to violent outbursts and makes the behaviour more likely to manifest when we get angry in our day to day lives: therefore leaving us less in control of our actions. This is why i only get violent when im alone and horny - why yes, i do have a very tender crotch. Thanks for noticing

  • Jenness

    Correct - however this WOULD be healthy if they didn't allow any safety gear. Hitting things w/out safety gear is harmful as are all the flying shards of glass, pottery which teaches the very real lesson that being out of control put you at risk for harm.

  • shashi

    or change the name: 'HappySmash - too happy? GET SMASHY!'

    ooor just play a nice quiet game at the dinner table like this

  • Sricks

    Such a ripoff of the RAGE CAGE

  • Matthew Anderson

    RAGE CAGE: http://youtu.be/MIDNBpjkdzw
    The one in the article isn't the first to make "Jon's" idea a reality, but this one predates the episode by a year or so: http://money.cnn.com/2008/0...

  • Sricks

    Started because some idiot spilt his drink all over a nice new pair of Slacks.

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