Plastic Coffee Cup Lids With A Nose And Mouth To Kiss

August 26, 2015


These are the plastic coffee cup lids created by South Korean industrial designer Jang WooSeok. They have a 3-D nose and lips on them so you can make out with your coffee and practice your technique. Go for the French kiss right away and you'll burn your tongue. You have to WARM UP to that. Making out is a fine art. One that I am proud to say I've mastered. Just ask my girlfriend. "The last time he tried to kiss me he bit his own lip and I had to take him to the hospital." Haha, she's totally kidding. "Five stitches." Stop embarrassing me in front of my friends!

Keep going for a bunch more shots.






Thanks to Stephanie A, who wants a coffee lid that looks like a witch's tit. I'm kidding, that's me, I want that.

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