Photograph Captures Butterflies Drinking Turtle Tears

August 21, 2015


This is a photograph captured by Ama la Vida TV, of two Julia Butterflies drinking turtles' tears in Ecuador. The behavior, known as lachryphagy (tear-feeding), is most common in moths and butterflies. Plus me -- I drink tears. Mostly the tears of my enemies. They taste like...victory. And salt. They are great in a margarita. One time I tried to get butterflies to drink my tears but I got stung in the eye by a wasp and that's why I wear this patch now and not because I poked myself in the eye with a straw trying to drink without looking.

Keep going for a closeup, then watch me drink Michelangelo's tears after I tell him April O'Neil will never love him.


Thanks to Comforti, who much prefers tortoise tears.

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