Okilly Dokilly: A Ned Flanders Themed Metal Band

August 13, 2015


Meet Okilly Dokilly, a Ned Flanders themed metal band out of Phoenix, Arizona. The 'world's only Nedal band' is playing their first show in their hometown September 5th and mentioned, "most of our songs are direct Ned quotes." This sounds promising. The inspiration behind the band:

Myself and our drummer (Bled Ned) were in line at a grocery store, entertaining ourselves by coming up with really cutesy names for really hardcore, brutal bands," [lead singer Head Ned] says. "The name Okilly Dokilly came up and was very funny to us. We ran with it. I contacted a few friends (Red Ned, Thread Ned, and Stead Ned), and here we are. Most of us have played in other bands around our hometown...This is definitely the heaviest sounding project any of us Neds have done.

You can listen to four of their songs after the jump, although I have to admit that far right Ned looks way more like a Peter Griffin if you ask me. No word if groupies will call themselves Hey-Diddly Ho's but I have already started calling myself that and making my own knock-off band merch so they'll notice me at their first concert and let me ride in their tour station wagon and call me Maude.

Keep going for four of their demos to listen to, you can purchase the tracks HERE.

Thanks to Hello, who, *shakes hand* pleased to meet you.

  • DeathBotGamma

    It's all part of the Genre. If you've ever listened to Anal Cunt they have songs with a couple of words and are short. DRI has done the same thing in the past. Lighten up.

  • Bigfootdrummer

    ♫ Hitlerrrrr was a sensitive man!♫

  • Michael McGuire

    I guess that Homer was right all along.

  • xilef regnu

    I love reading people getting mad at something that is obviously supposed to be ridiculous. Get a sense of humor.

  • Kain Muhling

    This has nothing to do with Ned Flanders or the Simpsons, total crap music. "They warned me" song literally only contains those words...maybe I should have taken the warning and not bothered listening to this rubbish.

  • I believe it's called a gimmick.
    And "They Warned Me" contained 6 words (and some screaming).

  • These guys suck.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Not my style of music or anything, but I kinda love this.

  • Geez'v

    guy's screaming is wrecking his vocal chords...

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    And this is new for metal bands?

  • Geez'v

    there are techniques and way to scream in metal without destroying your vocal chords.. how do you think they keep it up for 20+ years.

  • Ollie Williams

    That was... interesting.

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