New World Record 193-Foot (59-Meter) Jump Into Water

August 21, 2015


This is a video of Red Bull death-wisher Laso Schaller setting the new world record for highest dive (technically he does a pencil) with a 192.913-foot (58.8-meter) jump off Cascata del Salto in Maggia, Switzerland. He free-falls for 3.58 seconds and reaches a speed of 76mph (123km/h) before hitting the water. Amazingly, he didn't die. Or break every bone in his body. I broke both my legs just watching it. Plus I got a rash on my privates. "That's not from the video." YES IT IS TOO.

Hit the jump for the NOPE.

Thanks to Strales, who informed me you have to survive the jump to get the record which sucks because I was already on my way to the Grand Canyon.

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