Nailed It: Back To The Future Themed Engagement Photo

August 19, 2015


This is Imgur user yourinnermoppet and her fiancé's Back To The Future themed engagement photo, captured by photographer Ricky Middlesworth. They really nailed it. Apparently yourinnermoppet got her dream wedding proposal ("My fiancé knows how much I love Halloween, so when it came time to propose, he dressed up as Michael Myers and jumped out at me with a ring. Perfect proposal."), so she let him decide on the engagement photo. I already know what my engagement photo is going to be. It's going to be me carrying my bride-to-be out of a burning building, presumably because my original 'indoor fireworks' engagement photo concept just took a turn for the worse.

Thanks to Yuppups, who is hoping for a Thomas The Tank Engine engagement photoshoot and may or may not be a kindergartner.

  • heretikeen

    Still calling this piece of Photoshop holocaust a "photo" is somehow stretching it. But looks nice.

  • if you have several hrs of spare tìme, there ìs a straightforward approach that wìll allow you to make some residual $ weekly - learn how by visitíng lìnk recorded on my dísqus profìle ( pay attention: make sure to act now this lìnk wìll probably be avaìlable for a limited time while here )

  • ODwanKenObi

    Pretty badass.

  • Meh

    So original.

  • da1nonlysage

    Post your themed wedding photo

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