Man Sets World Record By Having 46-Hour Long Birthday

August 10, 2015


Sven Hagemeier recently experienced the world's longest birthday, achieved by flying through six time zones to stretch his special day from the traditional 24 hours to a whopping 46. He did not receive any extra presents.

Over the course of 46 hours, Sven flew from Auckland (New Zealand), to Brisbane (Australia) and then to Honolulu (Hawaii), achieving a record for the Longest birthday ever.

The birthday-boy spent the majority of two days in an aeroplane enjoying plane food, working out how to stay comfortable on long-haul flights, and communicating using hand-gestures.

Did you read that? He "spent the majority of two days in an airplane enjoying plane food" and, "working out how to stay comfortable on long-haul flights." That sounds like a nightmare. If my birthday is going to be stuck on an airplane, I only want my birthday to last 30 minutes. I take that back -- I'd rather just miss my flight altogether.

Thanks to Alicia N, who agrees none of those flights were probably serving birthday cake. Hopefully he at least got a Cinnabon at the terminal.

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