Making An Entrance: 'Star Trek' Personal Home Elevator

August 10, 2015


This is the Lifestyle Home Elevator created by England-based Terry Lifts. It's a personal home elevator for people who can't take the stairs and think that those little chairs that creep up the stairs are tacky. It can carry up to 550 pounds at once but has not been Geekologie Writer Jumping Up And Down As Hard As He Can certified yet. That is a very important sticker to be able to put on your product. Especially if you're selling elevators, bounce castles, or house decks.

Keep going for a video news report about the coolest way to show up in a friend's basement.

Thanks to BattyFlaps, who once saw a friend jump THROUGH a trampoline. That can't be good for your knees.

  • Elite Elevators

    Good... Elite Elevators are the best in Home Elevators business in India

  • G-man

    Put a ball on top and one underneath, happy trolling!! :P Now get me a teleporters lifts are soo 1890

  • 2DMaximus

    Looks like a shower.

  • Fercho

    This somehow reminds me of the elevator in the Forest Temple in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

  • Forgoten Null

    How long until it malfunctions and crushes someone? Or better yet, how long until the power goes out halfway up and some senior citizen gets stuck halfway through the floor and starves to death before anyone notices they were trapped?

    To be fair though, it's a good idea

  • AdvancePlays

    This looks like a pretty nice alternative, I can understand why some think stairlifts are tacky. Personally, they really annoy me. One could say they... drive me up the wall.

  • Scuggler

    Max. Load
    "No Fatties"

    Is what that should say . .

  • Forgoten Null

    A person who weighs 250kg wouldn't even be able to fit in that elevator so there's no reason it should have to lift that much.

    That's not fat, that's just monstrous.

  • Gail Wiese

    it could also lift a normal sized person with heavy luggage or something that needs to go up or down.. not necessarily a very large person

  • Fred Amerud

    That Resting Bitch Face though

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