Mad Max Fury Road Told In Egyptian Hieroglyphics

August 28, 2015


Note: Larger version HERE.

This is the story of Mad Max: Fury Road told in hieroglyphics, as imagined by artist Takumi. I still haven't seen Fury Road because I like to wait at least two years after a movie comes out to watch it, but I couldn't really gather much of the story from looking at this. Still, everyone I've talked to said it was great movie. It sounds like sometime after May 2017 I'm in for a treat!

Thanks to Elizabeth B, who wrote her entire email in wing-dings so I have zero clue what she said.

  • AmericanPatroit

    "I like to wait at least two years after a movie comes out to watch it"


  • Bubbubsky

    What does it say about the current state of filmmakers that 70-year-old George Miller came out and made the best action movie of the year?
    An over-reliance on CGI has sucked the life and talent out of good action.

  • Tuomas Huovinen

    WITNESSED! V8! V8! V8!

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  • shashi

    WAIT, so you're saying he is Lukes father but he was dead the whole time and it's his head in the box and he is actually a good guy but the whole thing is just a dream but only if the top keeps spinning or else time goes back to the start and we have to remember what the tattoo means by reading it in the mirror and realising that i am not jacks inflamed sense of rejection but infact I AM KEYSER SOZE

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