Lexus Finally Reveals Video Of Hoverboard Being Ridden

August 5, 2015


After teasing us for over a month (my nipples have been hard for weeks), Lexus has finally released a video of their liquid nitrogen-cooled magnetic superconductor hoverboard being ridden. It is more impressive that I imagined, and pro skateboarder (but only novice hoverboarder) Ross McGouran even performs a few tricks, including riding the thing on water and jumping a car. Of course you have to remember Lexus built that entire skatepark with metal tracks underneath for the board to hover on and follow. Otherwise that hoverboard would just be a board. Still, it's a step in the right direction and I applaud them for that but I will not be showing them my tits. Fine, one nipple for one second. There.

Keep going for two videos, including one detailing the project's story.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, only one of which didn't make a Back To The Future reference.

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