Leonardo?!: Newly Discovered Species Of Peacock Spider Wears a Handsome Blue Mask

August 4, 2015


Meet Maratus personatus, a newly discovered species of peacock spider (you know, the ones that dance to attract mates) with a handsome blue mask. Think of him as the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Spiders except Splinter is a cricket and Shredder is a cockroach.

But unlike other peacock spiders, the male M. personatus does not have a fan-like abdomen that it extends while trying to court females. Instead, it relies on its blue mask and the characteristic white banding around it to lure lady spiders.

There's a video below of one of the handsome little devils strutting its stuff trying to score some sexors from a female, and let me tell you -- he has got THE MOVES. If I had those moves I would have gone to way more school dances growing up. I couldn't dance for shit though so instead I only went to prom and when I tried to kiss my date I realized I'd come solo.

Keep going for one more shot and a video.


Thanks to Marissa, who agrees its important to know how well a potential mate can dance before sexing them because sexing is basically like dancing except laying down and with more dirty talk.

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