Learning By Looking: Infographic Of All The Star Wars Media Considered Canon After Disney's Takeover

August 26, 2015


This is a timeline detailing all the Star Wars media that is now considered canon after Disney's takeover of the franchise. You can get as angry as you want about your favorite games/books/comics not being included, but that isn't going to bring them back. It's like crying when one of the fish in your aquarium dies. No amount of time spent crying is going to bring it back. Although if you wait long enough the other fish in the tank will start to pick its bones clean, so it's better to get him out of there and flush him down the toilet while he still has his dignity (and eyeballs) intact. And please -- I'm just as into water conservation as the next person who gives a shit about earth, but don't feel like you also need to use the bathroom on top of him to justify flushing. Just say a little prayer, give him a clean flush, and be done with it. So yeah, Star Wars canon. Who else is pissed The Next Generation didn't make the cut?

Thanks to Blue16, who tried to tell me the Jedi I just drew with a lightsaber for a penis isn't canon even thought I wrote 'TOTALLY CANON' below him real big in block letters.

  • zatoichi

    Jesus. Does anyone actually care about Star Wars anymore?



  • JasonAW3

    What about the Christmas Special?
    Was it canon or shot out of a cannon?

  • JabbaJohnL

    Dark Disciple takes place before Revenge of the Sith, not after. DD deals with the Jedi trying to assassinate Dooku, and Anakin does the deed at the beginning of ROTS.

    Dark Horse's Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir series is canon, as it is based on unfinished Clone Wars scripts. It takes place before Dark Disciple. It is the only Dark Horse material considered canon.

    Rise of an Empire is just a repackaging of Tarkin and A New Dawn, so I don't know if it warrants its own place in the timeline. It has three new short stories that take place at different times before and after these books and should be placed accordingly.

    And speaking of short stories, the Star Wars Insider short stories, starting with Blade Squadron in issue #149, are also canon.

  • acedick72

    canon is a retarded concept, trust me. trying to make all of these contradictory stories work is like trying to make a religion make sense. you can't, it's all different authors with different ideas and they don't give a crap about anyone else

    my advice from the star trek universe - take each novel, episode or movie as its own story. even if it relies on a separate story to function, just take the relevant facts as backstory and stop losing sleep over whether or not they all fit together, because they don't, because they suck. star wars and star trek both have that problem.

  • timeiskey

    ill show you something even better, babyy.


  • Aaron Stormageddon

    While that's all true, nobody has effectively wiped Star Trek 'canon' clean - not even JJ Abrams. What Disney defines as canon heavily restricts the type of stories being told. Say what you will about Lucas, but at least he gave people creative freedom (outside of messing with his designated movie timeline). Now, instead of George rubber-stamping your story about Luke's grandson, it has to be decided upon by a committee at Disney that is far more strict.

  • dougfunnay

    if rebels is any indication
    disney is going to plow this entire franchise right into the ground

  • acedick72

    same way i'd plough daisy ridley into the ground with my big cow dick

  • dougfunnay

    hey guys
    acedicks not gay!
    look he says right here he would plough daisy ridley!
    also hes also got a huge wang!

    cmon lets have a round of applause acedick!
    three cheers for acedick!
    huzzah for acedick!

  • Martin Marty マ (m)

    Acedick72 seventysecond of the acedick line.

  • Dani

    Star Trek is better.
    *insert confession bear*

  • Chris A

    And no mention of "Splinter of the Mind's Eye"

  • Chris A

    Drat. Ep. 1, 2, & 3 made the cut. Well I can hope they get rebooted.

  • Siegfoult

    Thats it, I'm going to go make my own Star Wars canon... with pazaak, and hookers. In fact, forget the Star Wars canon!

  • Thank you for cropping this on the main page. *cough*

  • Geekologie

    I thought about it. Then I thought about getting this comment and knew I made the right decision.

  • timeiskey

    oh my god gw is real. he hasnt been replaced with a machine writer yet.

  • Betaboy

    I don't think Battlefront is in the correct place on the timeline.. The game level that occurs last in the timeline is the Battle of Jakku, which takes place soon after Jedi ( 4 or 5 ABY )

  • Emmitt Morgans

    It looks like the other sites I've seen that give the new Battlefront a time frame put it between RIGHT after the Battle of Yavin and around the time of the Battle of Endor. I also haven't seen any troopers that look like ones in Episode VII, just OT and maybe something resembling a clone trooper in a promo pic... in any case, it's obvious from all of the promotional materials that it's (at least primarily) an Original Trilogy-based game.

  • Is the Star Wars Holiday Special no longer canon? I'm not sure I want a Star Wars universe without Bea Arthur and Harvey Korman in it.

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