Learning By Looking: Infographic Of All The Star Wars Media Considered Canon After Disney's Takeover

August 26, 2015


This is a timeline detailing all the Star Wars media that is now considered canon after Disney's takeover of the franchise. You can get as angry as you want about your favorite games/books/comics not being included, but that isn't going to bring them back. It's like crying when one of the fish in your aquarium dies. No amount of time spent crying is going to bring it back. Although if you wait long enough the other fish in the tank will start to pick its bones clean, so it's better to get him out of there and flush him down the toilet while he still has his dignity (and eyeballs) intact. And please -- I'm just as into water conservation as the next person who gives a shit about earth, but don't feel like you also need to use the bathroom on top of him to justify flushing. Just say a little prayer, give him a clean flush, and be done with it. So yeah, Star Wars canon. Who else is pissed The Next Generation didn't make the cut?

Thanks to Blue16, who tried to tell me the Jedi I just drew with a lightsaber for a penis isn't canon even thought I wrote 'TOTALLY CANON' below him real big in block letters.

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