Just Like In A Spaceship!: Guy Builds Awesome Overhead Control Panel For Computer Shortcuts

August 21, 2015


This is the beautiful overhead computer control panel built by Redditor smashcuts. It has over 100 programmable buttons and switches that control different computer functions. I must have one. I don't even care what all the buttons and switches do, I just want to push them all. If there is a button, I will push it. If I was part of some psychological experiment where they leave me in a room with a bright red button that says 'DO NOT PUSH' I will have already pushed it at least a dozen times and taken a selfie licking it before the experimenter even leaves the room.

Hit the jump to see closeups of all the panels, as well as explanations of what they control. Gif video of the system in operation HERE.



I wanted the background for this panel to look half-Tron, half-Luke's targeting computer.


The green section turns on the different programs I run most often. The top row triggers Chrome, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and iTunes.


These two panels trigger keyboard shortcuts for Premiere (top) and Photoshop (bottom). I didn't want to tie the panel into a specific apps, so the names are slightly changed. 'Disenhance' is 'Blur'


Center panel controls all my main OS shortcuts. Open, Save, Close, etc


The iTunes controller. 'More Rock' and 'Less Rock' control volume. The bottom four activate iTunes playlists.


Some panels are more for aesthetic purposes...


The top four switches control the control panel (brightness, backlight, ect) Bottom controls the panel's AI mastermind override (currently broken).


Weapons systems. These play funny sound effects.


Stress management. Don't Panic cues a Hitchhikers Guide youTube video, Serenity Now cues a Firefly clip, Hold Steady plays my favorite band. And the big red panic button: DOES THIS


Buttons on the bottom type different levels of laughter into open chat windows. Very useful.


Thanks to Dougie, who glued a broken keyboard to the ceiling above his bunk bed. WHY, DOUGIE? WHY DID YOU DO THAT?

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