Important Facebook Report: Nobody Uses 'Lol' Anymore, 'Haha' And Emojis Are Where It's At

August 11, 2015


In a recent study of the way people express laughter on Facebook (which is a real study that actually took place), the company found that good old fashioned 'lols' are basically dead in the water, and 'haha' and emojis are now the preferred method of lying to someone and making them think something that they said was funny. Some copy/pasted info while I bang my head on my desk until I can only see color blobs.

A new report from Facebook into how users express laughter shows that "haha" and its variants are by far the most common terms used on the social network. They accounted for 51.4 percent of mirth in the anonymized comments and posts looked at by Facebook's data team, with laughter emoji claiming 33.7 percent, and "hehe" and its cognates 13.1 percent. The once-mighty "lol" only appeared in 1.9 percent of the text sampled by Facebook -- a pretty staggering fall for an expression that was once synonymous with online txt speak.

Only 1.9% lols?! I find that hard to believe. I still see a ton of lols on Facebook. A TON. Of course most of my friends aren't very cool or up with the times or are at least 60 years old so maybe that's why. Personally, when I'm talking to someone on Facebook and pretending they said something funny I usually drop a 'hahaha' or 'LOLOL'. If I actually think what they said is funny I'll hit them with a 'ahahahahahhahah aahhahah' or 'JUST SHIT PANTS'. So there you have it, Facebook friends, now you know all the times I've ever lied to you.

Thanks to Aisha, who expresses internet laughter the way God intended: on MySpace. It's coming back.

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