I'm Freeeeeeee!: 40-Foot Inflatable Minion Blows Into Dublin Roadway Causing Traffic Jam

August 4, 2015


Apparently a giant inflatable Minion broke free from a nearby carnival in Dublin and caused a 15-minute traffic jam while it desperately tried to thumb a ride out of town. Unsurprisingly, nobody tried to kill behead the Minion because this is Dublin and not Philadelphia.

The yellow inflatable character Kevin fell over in "very strong winds" at 3pm, blocking a busy four-lane road in Santry, according to the Independent.

Witness Erin Van Londen posted a photograph on Facebook showing a Garda police car attending the scene, where the Minion had collapsed onto the road, causing a 15-minute traffic jam.

The Minion was eventually deflated and carted away in a wheelbarrow.

Wait -- they're called wheelbarrows and not wheelBARRELS? Did anybody else not know that until now? "Tell me you're joking." Of course I'm joking, but I had a friend who actually thought that so this is just me rubbing it in. WHEELBARRELS, LOL -- you know who you are.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the Minion in various states of deflation.




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