Heck Yeah: A Mad Max Inspired Go-Kart Paintball Battle

August 19, 2015


This is the Mad Max inspired go-kart paintball battle created by Devinsupertramp and his pals to promote the new Mad Max video game coming out September 1st. That looks like it was fun to make. I want to do the same thing, except instead of paintball guns we all have ninja swords. I like doing battle the same way I like making love: up close and personal. It's weird just watching each other touch yourselves from across the room. Just kidding, that's awesome too -- it's the eye contact that makes it so sexy. Just don't start laughing though or I will lock myself in the bathroom.

Hit the jump for the video, then let's hit up Toys Я Us for some Power Wheels and beat the shit out of each other with Wiffle Ball bats.

Thanks to EDD, who's been doing donuts in my flower bed all morning in his Power Wheel and I'm about to go shake a broom at him.

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