Giant Crane Lifting A Big Crane Lifting A Medium Crane Lifting A Small Crane Lifting A Model Crane

August 10, 2015


This is a video from Germany of a heavy equipment manufacturer demonstrating their cranes' abilities to pick up other cranes. The tiniest one is just a model crane, but the biggest one is HUUUUGE. No clue what you'd use a crane that big to build, but probably a Death Star. I've gotta admit, as a boy who grew up pretending to be a bulldozer driver, I've always wanted to operate a crane. One with a wrecking ball attached. And I want that crane to be right next to an enemy's apartment complex. F*** your whole rental deposit, Derek!

Note: Article originally published July, 2012 but it's going back around the internet again because the internet, like a sideways 8, looks like a stick figure's balls and is an endless cycle of the same things over and over.

Hit the jump for the video, but definitely skip around and don't watch all 7-minutes unless you're really bored at the doctor's office or something.

Thanks to Ash, who once drove a crane through a plate-glass window during his first day on the job and got all sad when he got fired and wouldn't let him keep the yellow construction helmet. I would've just run with it.

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