Do A Barrel Roll: Seabreacher Sailfin Personal Submarine

August 13, 2015


This is a video of the Seabreacher Sailfin, the largest Seabreacher submersible watercraft built to date (previously: the smaller dolphin model). It even has a water cannon in its nose and sky rocket launchers in its fin. What the hell is a sky rocket launcher? I don't know but I need some in my life. The sub also has a retractable snorkel so it can perform high-speed barrel rolls and sustained dives. Obviously I want one, but I've got the distinct feeling its out of my personal watercraft budget right now. Just a few days ago my credit card got declined trying to buy some of those foam water noodles so I could build a life raft in case California breaks off and sinks into the ocean (my mom worries about me).

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who is like a fish in that regard.

  • Rick Thomas

    so how is the impact resistance of that glass to other boats, rocks, and bolders?

  • archer923

    Someone got inspired by Seaquest DSV.

  • Professor Spookypop

    I want one of these that looks like Jaws.

  • Jenness

    Why would you shoot a promo video on a lake with such low visibility and cloudiness? You can't see anything when you go under in the nano-shots - this would have been better in Cozumel. Not so much a good sales video - more like 'that's not so much as fun as a huge accident waiting to happen".

  • Billy Rocka

    The only Dolphin I can afford was a gift for my wife. It too is waterproof and blue...

  • First thing it made me think of was...
    The second thing was that if I was in it then it would be sooooo full of vomit.

  • Doug Eldridge

    Alright, when they started with the lights like the thing was a fucking amazing piece of new technology I stopped the video. It's a fucking swordfish you jags, not a fucking jet.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    I noticed your comment started with the word "Alright" and stopped reading right there. Vote down.

  • TheQiwiMan

    You get angry at weird stuff.

  • James Mcelroy


  • asdfadfs


  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    For fun. Would've thought that was obvious.

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