Custom Wood Carved Millennium Falcon Snack Tray

August 7, 2015


This is one of the Milline-Yum Falcon snack trays custom made by Deric Peveto of WoodByHand. They contain a variety of different exotic woods and are available at his Etsy shop HERE for $255. That is a lot to pay for a snack tray. Not that it isn't worth it, I just don't have $255 to spend on something like that. Personally, I serve snacks out of whatever container they came in. Chips are served right out of the bag. Dips are in the plastic containers I bought them in. Pickles are in a jar with a fork for stabbing them because if I catch you contaminating my pickle juice with your bare fingers I will body-slam you through the coffee table and choke you out until you learn how to be a decent party guest. It's all about respect.

Keep going for several more shots.




Thanks to S Michelle, who agrees somebody needs to make a Death Star chip and dip set where the indented laser part holds the dip. Does that already exist? I feel like it might because how couldn't it that is a great idea.

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