Compromise: She Wanted A Traditional Wedding Cake, He Wanted Superheroes

August 20, 2015


This is a couple's wedding cake that has a SECRET IDENTITY. That secret identity is a superhero themed cake hidden in the rear. I've hidden things in my rear before. Mostly drugs at concerts, but one time a friend's car keys because he was trying to drive drunk. I don't actually know the real story behind the cake, I was just assuming it was the result of a bride who wanted a traditional cake and a husband that wanted a superhero one. Maybe it was the other way around. Or maybe it's just an example cake on display at a wedding expo to show off a baker's skills. This is the internet -- make up your own story. "Oooh oooh -- I know! This is the wedding cake from the five-way wedding between Captain America, Spider Man, Batman, Iron Man and Wonder Woman." Then why isn't Wonder Woman represented? "She's is -- the invisible plane cake topper!" See? It's that easy.

Thanks to whichever friend posted this on Facebook. You did good today. Not that good, but still way better than my other 18 friends.

  • randalator

    She's a keeper.

  • Kane Harrison

    When did Iron Man have Down's syndrome?

  • Joseph Pianta

    buddy of mine had his own cake and she had hers. His was WoW themed, she had the 'traditional' wedding cake.

  • MustacheHam

    Keeping it classy while cleverly unveiling one's passion.

  • archer923

    Could of just had a Batman mask on the groom figure.

  • Roark

    Just an Observation: GW- If Wonder Woman is in the Invisible Plane - as the Cake Topper - wouldn't we be able to see Her.

  • Xockszky

    A compromise? Wow, usually the wife gets her own way every time...

  • kashicat

    Now THERE'S a sweeping generalization that has never been true of anyone I've known.

  • comedy of terrors

    I thought child grooms were outlawed in this country

  • for those who have several hrs of free tíme, there ìs an easy method that wíll assíst you to get some quìck $ every week - learn how by vìsiting link recorded on my disqus profìle ( ìmportant: act now thìs lìnk wíll be accessible only for a brief time whíle on dísqus )

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