Always Prepared: The Fly Pry, A Multi-Tool Zipper Pull

August 7, 2015


The Fly Pry is a teensy titanium multi-tool that can also be used as a zipper pull. It's currently an already-funded Kickstarter campaign so $25 will get you one when they ship this November. It's functions include bottle opener, pulltab lifter (LOLOL), can opener, scraper/mini pry bar, hex bit adapter, box opener, and hook screw driver, although I doubt anybody will ever use it for anything other than a bottle opener because let's be honest with ourselves.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video in case you were wondering just how well it can perform all its functions (SPOILER: maybe size does matter).

Thanks to Apologize, who, okay, fine -- I'm sorry, alright? You know I'm stupid.

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