10K Piece, 28-Lb LEGO Jawa Sandcrawler Really Crawls

August 12, 2015


This is the 10,000-piece, 28-pound LEGO Jawa Sandcrawler built by Jarren Harkema and Calvin Hartley. It measures over three feet long and can actually crawl under its own power. Motors also operate the main front ramp, as well as an elevator and droid lift in the interior. You ever seen a Jawa without its robes on? They are not very sexy aliens. "Wait -- when did you see one without its robes on?" When we were having sex together. Worst two astromech droids I've ever spent.

Keep going for a video tour.

Thanks to Hashraf, who informed me you don't want to see any Tusken Raiders naked either.

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