Zombie Apocalypse Ready: The Action Mobil Offroad RV

July 10, 2015


Seen here looking like something you'd expect to find on the top of somebody's zombie apocalypse wishlist, an Action Mobil 4x4 RV prepares to escape the city and set up base in the woods. Action Mobil specializes in customizable 4x4 RV's, which come in 2, 3 and 4-axle varieties and cost a small fortune. There's even fancy hardwood bedroom and chef's kitchen options. Obviously, I just added the biggest one to my Christmas list this year and I will throw a tantrum and knock over the tree if I don't get it. It's happened before. "All the toy stores were out of Cobra Command Headquarters playsets that year!" WHATEVER, DAD.

Keep going for a couple more variations.







Thanks to Christian, who made me promise to pick him up in my offroad RV if shit really does hit the fan.

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