WTF Was That?!: Creeper Telemarketer Creeps Hard

July 17, 2015


This is video of a phone call between a woman named Jessica and Mark the telemarketer. Jessica tells Mark she's recording the conversation and that's when Mark starts to lay the weird on THICK. Like if weird was cake frosting you could poke your whole finger in it and never touch cake. Sadly, we don't ever get to find out what Mark was trying to sell, but we do get to find out what it's like to talk to a certifiable crazy person. No word if Mark has been fired. You know, I worked for a call center briefly when I was in college and I put a woman on hold for too long and she hung up on me. And that just happened to be the call that quality assurance was listening to, so afterwards they came up to me and told me if that ever happened again I would be fired. I swore to them it would never happen again because, deep down, I knew I would be leaving for lunch that day and never coming back.

Keep going for the video of the TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST.

Thanks to SVT, who is pissed there isn't a button on your phone you can push to shock the person on the other end.

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