What Fun Is That?!: New Unpoppable Bubble Wrap

July 7, 2015


Due to steady profit and market share drops in recent years, Sealed Air Corp., the company behind the original bubble wrap, has decided they're gonna try to turn the business around by exclusively selling the horribly named iBubble Wrap. The new wrap contains bubbles that are connected in chains, making them much, much harder to pop (and sold in flat sheets that bulk customers have to inflate themselves using an expensive pump). I know, it's almost hard to believe a company so out of touch that they would name a new bubble wrap 'iBubble Wrap' would be failing, yet here we are. Still -- no more bubble popping? I'm mad as hell about it! Just kidding, I care so little I forgot what I'm even writing about. Was this a Disney character mashup post? LOL, Gaston as a dinosaur.

Keep going for a news report about the worst thing to happen to shipping since my last package failed to show up.

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