What Do You Mean There's No Snooze?: The Ejector Bed

July 31, 2015


This is the ejector bed built by Colin Furze. When the alarm clock goes off it activates two flashing lights, two fire alarms, a firework, two semi truck horns, then launches you out of bed. Well it just kind of tips you out of bed unless you turn the pressure on the air tank up high enough. I want it to blast me so hard I shoot through the wall and knock myself unconscious on the clothes rod in my roommate's closet. God willing I'll be out for at least another hour. You ever been knocking unconscious before? It's actually pretty restful. You want to know my secret to getting out of bed so easily every morning? Get out of bed, LOL -- you thought Geekologie was written at a desk? You're cute.

Keep going for a video of the bed in action.

Thanks to Shawn, who never has to get out of bed because he sleeps in the shower.

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