Vin Diesel's Dungeons & Dragons Birthday Cake

July 21, 2015


This is a shot of the Dungeons & Dragons themed cake made for Vin Diesel's 48th birthday over the weekend. For those of you who don't have a crush on Vin and have Fast & Furious posters hanging above your bed, Vin Diesel is a big Dungeons and Dragons fan. Me? I am a big fan of Vin. I am a Vinatic. That's what Vin Diesel superfans call themselves. Just kidding, I only liked Vin Diesel for one afternoon when I mistook him for The Rock.

Thanks to Alaska, hands down one of my favorite countries.

  • Munihausen

    Happy b-day Vin Diesel

  • Are you shitting me? I don't know what is more of a mind blow: That Vin Diesel is nearly 50 years old, or that Vin Diesel plays Dungeons and Dragons at nearly 50 years old. In any event that cake is gangster AF.

  • RollDdice

    All you need to know about Vin Diesel's acting ability is that his last role required him to repeat three words over and over. Diesel: "I am ... uhh, ... LINE!"

  • DJ Shovelpants

    Vin Diesel looks like the troll Harry Potter fought in the bathroom of that one movie.


  • GeneralDisorder

    Vin Diesel has been dead for years but Death is afraid to tell him. Fact.

    Jesus can walk on water but Vin Diesel can swim on land. Fact.

    Vin Diesel has no chin. Under his beard there's only another fist. Fact.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Beard?!... Also, vin diesel doesn't eat honey, he just chews bees.

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