To Infinity And Beyond!: An Infographic Of The Fastest Sci-Fi Spaceships

July 16, 2015


Note: This isn't the whole infographic (the whole thing is very long like your penis!), hit the jump to see the whole thing.

This is an infographic comparing the speed of a bunch of different spaceships from various sci-fi movies, shows and video games. Plus some real-life ships for comparison. Did you know Death Stars are capable of faster-than-light travel? That was news to me. "And you call yourself a geek!" Sorry, Star Trek is just not my thing. "You will burn at the stake for your ignorance!" No, I will burn in a volcano like Gollum at the end of Harry Potter.

Keep going for the whole infographic, then feel free to point out any inaccuracies in the comments while we all call you a nerd under our breath.


Thanks to EC, who can punch faster than the speed of light and send his fist into alternate dimensions to punch the aliens there. Wait, but how do we know if they're even bad aliens?

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