These Are The Times We Live In: Parents Furious Over Slave Leia Action Figure

July 14, 2015


So apparently several parents who have never seen Star Wars are complaining about the Princess Leia Slave Outfit action figure being sold at Target (among other stores). Some solid quotes from father Fred Hill, who is mad as hell about the toy, proving that a new species of outraged soccer dad has evolved separate from the females.

The single dad was shocked to see this on the toy aisle shelf. A Hasbro made Star Wars Black Series action figure of Princess Leia wearing what the box described as a slave outfit.

"That's pretty inappropriate," he said, "I got 2 daughters I don't need seeing that crap."

The toy features scantily clad version of Princess Leia complete with a chain around her neck. The toy even had dad blushing.

"They're like dad why does this doll have a chain around its neck. I don't have any answers. I was just blown away looking at it," Hill said.

The answer you might have been looking for is it's an action figure of Princess Leia from an iconic movie scene that every other person in the world has seen at least a dozen times. Honestly, I'm more outraged about what a shitty job they did on painting Leia's face. It looks like she just got unfrozen out of Carbonite but her face started melting off in the process. Piss-poor toy quality -- that's the real issue here.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the toy and a video news report of the sadness.



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