These Are The Times We Live In: Parents Furious Over Slave Leia Action Figure

July 14, 2015


So apparently several parents who have never seen Star Wars are complaining about the Princess Leia Slave Outfit action figure being sold at Target (among other stores). Some solid quotes from father Fred Hill, who is mad as hell about the toy, proving that a new species of outraged soccer dad has evolved separate from the females.

The single dad was shocked to see this on the toy aisle shelf. A Hasbro made Star Wars Black Series action figure of Princess Leia wearing what the box described as a slave outfit.

"That's pretty inappropriate," he said, "I got 2 daughters I don't need seeing that crap."

The toy features scantily clad version of Princess Leia complete with a chain around her neck. The toy even had dad blushing.

"They're like dad why does this doll have a chain around its neck. I don't have any answers. I was just blown away looking at it," Hill said.

The answer you might have been looking for is it's an action figure of Princess Leia from an iconic movie scene that every other person in the world has seen at least a dozen times. Honestly, I'm more outraged about what a shitty job they did on painting Leia's face. It looks like she just got unfrozen out of Carbonite but her face started melting off in the process. Piss-poor toy quality -- that's the real issue here.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the toy and a video news report of the sadness.



  • RY33

    I hope he never sees any of the female anime figures.

  • Jo Momma

    Get over it...where is the concern for the 27 million en-slaved in Africa

  • adsffda

    their owners aren't either white or giant space slugs, so it doesn't count. same with the slaves in india and china

  • Wow... I came back to this totally not surprised by the 56 comments... but TOTALLY dumbfounded that everyone seems to be in polite agreeable discourse. Amazing. No one pulling out pitchforks, no accusations of being "emotionally oppressed" by GW's post or whatever. Way to go internet. We did it.

  • Jedi Ninja

    Did anyone else notice the dad was wearing a CHAIN around his neck? That guy is a dildo

  • Kyle J

    Ugh...30+ years to complain and all of a sudden one dad has a problem? Missed the train on that one...grasping at straws. How many versions of this have there been??

    This might be spammin, but i made a vid to display my dismay in the story. Would appreciate if ya'll could watch!

  • XorKaya

    The entire video is summed up by the last thing one of the reporters says. "I'm glad I don't have to talk to my kids about it." Yep, great parenting, avoiding awkward (but not really in this case) discussions with your children because it makes you uncomfortable. Yep, that's how you raise well-rounded, intelligent children... by NOT talking about things.


  • KevOneSpace

    I came up with probably the best idea ever to handle this issue. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T BUY IT! With all that's going on in the world people are upset about a stupid toy?

  • If he was so offended he should have just bought them another Leia figure...oh wait.

  • Dragonsbeard

    They don't know what to tell their child about this toy. I can tell ya exactly what to say "It's a toy based off of a old movie called Starwars. It's nothing you need to worry about." That's what you say if you don't know anything about the movies. If you have watched the movies with your child. Then stop acting like a moron. It's a toy. Don't like it, don't buy it.

  • Harold_Finch

    By his colloquial language, he's American...VERY American.

  • Ed Hopkins

    The toy should not be for ages 4+ because the movie is not for kids that young. I won't show RotJ to my daughter until she's much older, not because of Leia's outfit, but because the film is too scary. The inside of Jabba's palace is pure nightmare fuel. Later, some living teddy bears try to cook the heroes alive. And let's not forget Vader's ordeal - dismemberment, electrocution, unmasking, and burning. 4-year-olds can barely handle the scary scenes in Winnie the Pooh.

  • adsffda

    nobody ever mentions the cannibal teddybears. it's like as long as they're not eating the main characters it isn't a problem. but where do you think they got the barbecue at the end of the movie? what happened to the stormtrooper bodies?

  • everywhere

    These people need to suck a long hard wong. Enough of this PC everything already. How did we turn into such a nation of sensitive wussies? Would love to take every one of these parents by the head and shove their cry baby faces deep into a steaming pile of dog poop. Considering the sorts of idiots we're dealing with here, that seems reasonably politically correct to me.

  • Helder Cervantes

    oh you americans, funny people you

  • Fercho

    The issue here (besides the bad paint quality from Hasbro) is that this figure came out to retail about one and a half year ago and ¿nobody? noticed that until now? Gross. This figure actually has been a big peg warmer and been there for months. Why is everybody giving so much f**ks until now? 'Murrica.

  • Munihausen

    Four more post-racial years!!!

  • somchai saichom

    The dad is wearing a chain around his neck! That's offended me!!!.. check it out.

  • Isaac Bow.

    when something is older than you... you need to get the fuck over it!

  • shashi
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