The Random User: A Mouse And Robotic Finger That Randomly Clicks Its Way Across The Internet

July 30, 2015


This is The Random User, a mouse and robotic finger that wheels itself around frantically clicking its way across the internet. It looks like it could also double as a sex toy. Regardless, this is the perfect thing to leave on your desk to help explain to your wife or girlfriend why your browser was open to a p0rn website. Of course explaining how it managed to enter your name and credit card info is entirely up to you. PROTIP AMATEURTIP: Mumble something about Skynet being out to get you.

Keep going for a video of the clicker in action.

Thanks to Armand, who likes to close his eyes and click around the internet for five minutes and see where it takes him. I did the same thing once and accidentally bought a car.

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