The Most Recent Addition To My Birthday List: The Portable Inflatable Bathtub

July 29, 2015


This is the $200 InTime Inflatable Bathtub. It's a portable blow-up bathtub complete with electric air pump and drain hose, although I'm not sure how you're supposed to get your bathwater into it. Buckets? Based on the picture, it's perfect for getting in with all your clothes on and catching up on some work emails. Girl you need a cocktail in that beverage holder! The practically endless possibilities:

BATHE ANYWHERE - Fill up this portable InTime inflatable brand bath tub and place it anywhere in your house, condo or apartment and get the bath you've longed for. Take it with you wherever you're camping or out to the cabin and feel fresh once a day. Nurses, caregivers and aids love the safety this tub provides patients, seniors who have trouble going upstairs for a bath, disabled family members or those with injury recovering from surgery. Athletes and trainers use this portable tub after games for immediate ice bath therapy to rejuvenate tired legs before travel too... Loved by apartment renters who only have a stand up shower stall, this tub will allow you to take that bath you've longed for, and best of all you can pack it away nice and neat and store it in your closet or beneath the bathroom sink. Kids and children jump up and down with excitement as this tub blows up in the back yard as their child size swimming pool blows up, and mothers with a baby or toddlers love that they can take a bath together like they've always wanted...

You know how they say the bathroom is the most dangerous room in your house, right? So why not move your bathtub TO RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TV?! Living rooms aren't dangerous at all! "You are going to drown." I will be dead well before the 10 o'clock news.

Thanks to Sab, who only bathes in the blood of his enemies. My my!

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