The Edge Of Stability: Beautiful 70,000 Image Timelapse Of Storms, Sky And Space

July 17, 2015


This is Edge Of Stability, a timelapse created by photographer Jeff Boyce using over 70,000 photographs. I especially liked the scenes of the tornadoes forming. I remember growing up in Alabama we'd have tornado warnings in middle school and we'd all have to line up in the hallway, crouched down facing the lockers and holding a textbook over our heads. I would always lose my shit and cry and cry and cry and beg the teacher to let me call my mom. Now If there was a tornado I would drive my car straight into it as fast as I could. *shrug* Times change, people grow up.

Keep going for the video then realize the world really is a beautiful place if you can look past all the awful people.

Thanks to Thomas W, who tried to take a timelapse of a tree growing but a bear stole his camera.

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