Stop Rubbing Me: Velvet Chewbacca Leggings Feel Furry

July 1, 2015


These are the $40 velvet Chewbacca leggings available from ThinkGeek (and possibly elsewhere but I'm not your personal shopper unless you let me ride in the cart in which case you've got yourself a deal but please don't push me too fast). The velvet gives them a little bit of a furry feel. And you know what they say about furry feels, don't you? Well if you do know don't tell me because there is not room in my brain for that info. I've never had a pair of velvet leggings before but freshman year in college I bought a pair of pleather rock star pants that were really just plastic and then I went to a bonfire party but got too close they melted to parts of my legs. I did not get laid that night, true story.

Thanks to Tank, who should just crash right into this office building and come rescue me.

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