Slow Down, Da Vinci: A Drill Powered Walking Machine

July 9, 2015


This is the cordless drill powered walking machine built by Izzy Swan of Think Woodworks (previously: his all-in-one folding table and chairs) and inspired by the kinetic sculptures of Theo Jansen. I wish I was better at making things out of wood. I tried to build a birdhouse once but forgot to cut a hole for the door. Now all the birds in the neighborhood hate me and shit on my car every chance they get. One time I left the sunroof open and it looked like somebody dumped a whole cup of raspberry fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt in my seat.

Keep going for a video of the build process and finished product.

Thanks to AdamZ, who agrees it's only a matter of time till HoverRound starts marketing drill-powered walking machines to disabled hipsters.

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