ShredLights, Headlights For Your Skateboard

July 13, 2015


ShredLights are headlights for your skateboard. They slide onto a small bracket you attach to your truck's bolts, and are USB rechargeable. They were designed to look cool and help prevent spills from hitting cracks at night. Ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford? He will hit cracks any time of the day. $30 will get you a pair of the lights if they reach their Kickstarter funding goal, which isn't looking likely. Besides, you know what would help prevent crack related spills at night even better than headlights? "Hoverboards." EXACTLY. The future isn't coming soon enough.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video.

Thanks to Christian, who doesn't need skateboard headlights because he wears one of those mining helmets at night.

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