Shower Curtain Gets Stabby If You Stay In Too Long

July 23, 2015


Note: This article was originally published in 2009 but since the internet is like a roller coaster it's going back around again with its hands in the air, screaming.

Elisabeth Beucher's Green Warrior Shower Curtain was designed to help control your water consumption by slowly inflating its spikes over the course of four minutes using an air-pump. Stay in the shower too long and you get stabbed. Drop the soap and have a prison experience. While I do find this design admirable, I have an even better way to prevent wasting water: don't pay your gas or electric bill. You'll still have cold water, and cold water is the key to taking shorter showers. I only have cold water in my apartment and I haven't showered in weeks. "Seriously?" Fine, months. I care about the earth. "Don't you drive a monster truck?" No, I only WISH I drove a monster truck.

Thanks to Travis, who only bathes the way God intended: in a creek with bears watching.

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