Quadrocopter Disguised As Snoopy's Flying Doghouse

July 7, 2015


This is a video of the quadrocopter built by Otto Dieffenbach to resemble Snoopy and his flying doghouse. He did a great job. Snoopy's head even turns from side to side for ADDED REALISM. Apparently the quadrocopter was built to promote both San Diego Comic-Con and the upcoming Peanuts movie. Did you know this year is the first year I'm allowed back at Comic-Con? I forgot to get tickets though, so I'm going to dress up like security to sneak in, which, FUN FACT, is how I got banned in the first place. Everything in life is a cycle.

Keep going for two videos.

Thanks to moonie, who agrees they should also make a swarm of teensy little Woodstock quadrocopters that all fly in formation.

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