No Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz?: Dissolving Alka-Seltzer In Space

July 30, 2015


This is an ultra high-def (4K) video of an astronaut dissolving an antacid tablet in a ball of water in space. It makes a bubbly space ball. I'm starting to wonder -- are the astronauts actually doing any real science on the space station or are they all just up there filming things that look cool? Because if they need somebody to sit around and come up with cool things to do in space, I'm your guy. I spend a ton of time daydreaming about fun things to do in space already. "How many of them are sexual?" Pfft, how many of them AREN'T sexual? (SPOILER: less than zero)

Hit the jump for the video then pretend to swim around the room like you're in space.

Thanks to hairless, Andy and Steph, who heard if you take too many antacids in space you explode like a supernova.

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