NASA Announces Most Earth-Like Planet Found To Date

July 23, 2015


After analyzing four years of date from the Kepler space telescope, NASA has announced Kepler-452b, the most earth-like planet they've found outside our own solar system. So maybe there's still a little shred of hope left *reprograms spaceship's autopilot destination from center of sun to Kepler-452b*

The research suggests 452b has five times the mass of Earth, is about 1.5bn years older, and has a gravity about twice as powerful as our own.

About 1,400 light years away, Kepler 452b orbits a star similar to our sun, and at about the same distances as Earth orbits the sun, meaning it has a similar length year and exists in the "habitable zone" where liquid water can exist on a planet.

Jenkins said they suspect the planet is rocky, likely with active volcanoes, and has a thicker atmosphere with greater cloud cover than the Earth.

So, traveling at the speed of light it would only take us 1,400-years to get there. Sadly, the speed of the fastest spacecraft to date (New Horizons, the one that just said hi to Pluto, ~ 32,485mph) is only about 1/21,000th the speed of light. So, well, you do the math. Not because I can't, but because the number will just be too depressing. Maybe the aliens will be willing to meet us halfway? *reengages spaceship's autopilot directly into the sun* It's been real.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, several of whom volunteered to have their body's cryogenically frozen and sent to the planet like I'm in charge of the mission or something.

  • Grand Old Drummer

    It would take about 20,600 years...

  • Deksam

    Heck! That is well under 1 Trillion seconds away! About 11,110 years closer.
    If anyone was wondering what 1 Trillion seconds is in years? It is just under 31,710 years.
    F.Y.I, As it sits now, USA's debt could be paid off in small instalments of $18.50 a second for 31,710 years. ;P

  • Gene Kaufman

    I just hope the planet isn't as disappointing as Civilization Beyond Earth.

  • You'll be long dead before you find out. Seeing as if we built a light speed starship tomorrow, it would take 1400 years to get there and 1400 years to relay the information back to earth. Not to mention time spent analyzing the planet. So yeah...

  • Gene Kaufman

    Yeah I know, I was just trying to make a dumb joke for the people who are into the Civilization games, as a new Earth like planet rather reminded me of Civ BEs premise.

    But hey, if you want to educate me on basic physics and astronomy then be my guest, as long as you leave advanced thermodynamics and quantum mechanics out of the equation I have no objections.

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