My Doctor Is Going To Hate Me: Pizza Fried Chicken

July 1, 2015


Because I'm just itching to put on my next twenty pounds, this is the Napoli Crispy Pizza Fried Chicken available from KFC Hong Kong. Apparently it has a pizza flavored breading, including mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. It looks like maybe some kind of marinara too? Would I try it? Probably. Would I choke on a bone? Absolutely. That's why my mom only lets me eat chicken nuggets now. One time at a family reunion I choked on a chicken bone and my mom had to take me to the hospital and I missed the rest of the reunion which was actually fine with me because I'm from West Virginia and all my cousins are f***ing weird and make me uncomfortable.

Thanks to Taylor, who's still hoping for steak flavored chicken because then you could get the taste of steak for way cheaper.

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