Man Launches Wheelbarrow With Giant Firecracker

July 2, 2015


This is a video of Youtuber bra1Nphuk (I see what you did there) launching an overturned wheelbarrow almost fifty feet with the help of a Cobra 6 firecracker, which packs 48.5-grams of explosive powder (versus 2-3 grams for an M-80). The landing is most spectacular. If I were a judge I would be holding up a '10' sign over my head right now. I am not a judge though so the sign reads 'SHOW ME UR DING-DONG' (it was left over from a pride celebration party).

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to LB, who thought wheelbarrows were actually wheelBARRELS and needs help.

  • Rad Chad

    10/10. It flew with all the soaring grace and majesty of a meth lab run by a chain-smoker with ADHD.

  • SquidgyB

    I did a pretty similar thing in my youth which was equally (more?) impressive... I wish we have cheap video cameras back in the day.

    A friend of mine and I lived in the middle of nowhere in North Wales, halfway up a mountain on farmland - lots of various objects lying about and semi frequent (every 6 months or so) bonfires to clear out old trees which had been cut down and basically anything that burned.

    We had a couple of 45-gallon drums which were previously used to hold paraffin. They were empty, but had plenty of vapours still in the drums.

    We threw one onto a bonfire and ran away and hid behind a wall (we were well versed in blowing things up and had an inkling there may be shrapnel coming our way) and waited...

    Pressure was building up inside the drum, and as tit rose the drum expanded making steel drum like noises, rising in pitch as the pressure got higher and higher until - BANG! like a shotgun going off - the lid of the drum separated entirely from the rest of the drum and shot off into the sky at a ~45 degree angle, then settled into a kind of giant heavy metal frisbee which then flew several fields away.

    It was pretty much the most impressive 'splodey thing we'd ever done, and in today's climate I reckon we'd have had the armed response unit down there within 30 minutes because of the bang.

    Fun times though...

  • Xockszky

    BEST LANDING EVER!!!! No one on earth will ever land anything that nicely ever again.

  • Big McLargehuge

    Ahhh yissssss....Way to stick the landing.

  • Xockszky

    That landing made me cum like that guy on "Scary Movie".

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