Man Builds 8-Foot, 75,000-Piece LEGO Tower Of Orthanc

July 6, 2015


This is Brendan M and his 1:65 scale 75,000 LEGO Tower Of Orthanc (previously: this six foot version and LEGO's official Orthanc playset). Brendan looks sweaty but I'm pretty sure that's just a print on his shirt. He spent over a year building the 8-foot 9-inch tower, the rear of which reveals a bunch of detailed rooms. It is most impressive, although it's only a matter of time until somebody builds an even bigger LEGO Tower Of Orthanc. Then somebody else builds an even bigger one. Eventually, somebody will build a full-scale version and I will live there happily ever after with my Gollum bride. "My precious." Awww, you know I love it when you call me that!

Keep going for more pictures, a video tour, and an interview with the creator. More high-res pics of the build available on Flickr right HERE.









Thanks to my buddy David M, who is already hard at work on a ten foot version. Jk jk, he's only hard at work on a $6 footlong from Subway. Dammit, get me one next time. I want to try that new turkey Italian sub or whatever.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Achieved: Virgin Level Infinity

    ...all joking aside, this is so cool I'd freakin bang this dude.

  • Octo

    For a man with this much dedication to a hobby project, how did he mess up the proportions of those top blades so bad..

  • Meh

    Now THIS is truly impressive. Especially the staircase, very nice.

  • devid


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